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Pat Beans
"I was married after one year of college and worked out of my home retouching negatives for photo studios while the children were small. With lots of hard work, my husband and I raised four children, started a small business in the dairy industry and built it into a five state corporation. We did such a fantastic job raising those kids, that we were able to turn the business over to them and retire a few years ago.

My art education consists of life drawing classes at local colleges, workshops at Scottsdale Artists School, and classes with some great artists. I have studied with Timothy Clark, Nita Leland, Barbara Nechis, Zoltan Szabo, Raleigh Kinney, Betty Carr, Diane Maxey, Mary DeLoyht Arendt, Betsy Dillard Stroud, Carol Orr, Lew Lehrman, Ted Nuttal and Dick Phillips. I have traveled on workshops to Italy, Hawaii, Santa Fe NM, Sedona AZ, Tubac AZ, Monterey CA, and the California Coast. I'm having a great time.

I am a member of Scottsdale Artists League and have juried status in AZ Art Alliance. I have shown at galleries, juried shows and exhibitions in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, and Nebraska.

Getting involved and working behind the scenes in the art groups is very rewarding in that I have met and worked with some great people.

From all my years and experiences, I have so much beauty stored up in my mind and in my heart, that I can hardly wait to get it all on paper. Okay! So not all my years and experiences have been beautiful - The dark spots and the troubles help to make us what we are today. But I have tucked those away in the gray hair and the wrinkles. Let's ignore them. I want to record some of the wondrous things I have experienced.

I'm having fun and would like to share some of my paintings with you. Please come into my gallery and see what I am doing. "